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Project Description

The Spatt is a fender-lock combination, designed for the urban cyclist. Good locks are heavy and troublesome to carry around, and it’s common for detachable fenders to get stolen. So we fixed these two problems by developing the Spatt.

When the Spatt is used as a fender it will be attached to the seat stays of the bicycle. The Spatt has a small silicone brush attachment in the top. This brush will fend off water and dirt while you’re riding your bicycle. The problem will be dealt with at it’s source, instead of fending off splashing water, the Spatt prevents this as a whole. The fender also brushes away all the glass and rocks that might have got stuck in your tire. This will prevent punctures and ruptures.
If you detach the Spatt it can be used as a flexible U-lock with the lock part. The Spatt is extremely strong as it is made from grade two titanium alloy. This material is very tough and light, but still flexible, allowing you to bend it around thicker poles and bars.


Dimensions: 400 x 35 x 4

Material: Titanium alloy grade 2, PVC Coating, Hardened steel

Weight: 1.1 kg